Verdin™ Today

Verdin Today

Six generations later, The Verdin Company™ is the oldest tower clock manufacturer in the United States, and the largest bell and carillon supplier in the world.

Innovation still reigns at Verdin...

  • Developed an electronic keyboard carillon
  • Created the World Peace Bell, a 66,000 pound swinging bell, to commemorate the Millennium
  • Designed and built the world's only traveling bell foundry to cast bells on site, the Bell Foundry on Wheels
  • Invented the first new American bell ringer in 75 years
  • Designed a hand held touch screen carillon
  • Designed and built the nation's only Veterans Tribute Towers
  • Designed and built bell/clock-related art projects such as the world's largest foot piano voiced by tubular chimes

Over the years Verdin has acquired several American bell and clock manufacturers and added an Organ Division. We now house an extensive collection of installation records through which we assist our customers with renovation and updates. Most importantly, our staff includes designers and draftsmen, welders and fabricators, installers and service technicians, marketing, sales, production and accounting people who offer customer service beyond your expectations.

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