Verdin™ History

Verdin History

The Verdin Company™, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, was founded in 1842. Celebrating 175 years in business and spanning six generations, Verdin is one of the oldest family-owned companies in America, and is recognized as the preeminent manufacturer and installer of clocks, bells, carillons, glockenspiels, and other musical instruments, with over 55,000 installations worldwide.

Innovation of clocks and bells has been the hallmark of the Verdin family business since 1842 when we installed our first tower clock. Today, six generations later, we continue to develop, manufacture, install and service bells and clocks across North America and beyond.

In a field that requires highly specialized skills, our family uses its knowledge and experience to teach the craft of clocks and bells to our employees, thus creating the top craftsmen in the industry. Our pledge to customers, friends, and employees is to produce the finest bells and clocks that are seen, heard, and enjoyed throughout the world.

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