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Scheduled Maintenance

Contact us for a complete service maintenance program for your bells, clocks and tower. As a Verdin™-trained service technician I will inspect and maintain your bell and clock equipment regularly, repair and restore equipment as needed, available to demonstrate our latest electronic bells and discuss your next bell or clock project.

Clock Restoration - Verdin Canada

Repair & Restoration

Verdin is proud to have installed bells, clocks and towers at over 55,000 locations around the world. Our nationwide service staff, the largest in the industry, is as dedicated as are the artisans and engineers who create the bells and clocks. Verdin continues to invest in quality, reliability, and long-term value of our products, and unparalleled service to our customers. 

Ernie Houthuyzen has represented The Verdin Company for many years. He began by installing and servicing Verdin clocks, bells, and carillons in Canada and has an in-depth knowledge of all Verdin products and equipment. Residing near Woodstock, Ontario, Ernie is centrally located in the country and has worked on projects from B.C. in the west to St. John’s in the east.

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