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Cast Bronze Bells

At our Cincinnati facility we cast bronze bells using 21st century innovations and capabilities. Verdin™ Bells echo the profile, tone, and clarity of the early American Bells, based on proprietary Meneely designs. The Meneely designs, long coveted for producing a more perfect vibration, resulting in the richest, most musical tone and the largest sound. Every Verdin cast bronze bell is handcrafted and can be decorated or custom inscribed. Our American Bells are cast using 21st Century technology combined with 19th Century musical tonality. The result: Bells that have musical tones unequaled today.

Our traveling bell foundry, Bell Foundry On Wheels™, the only mobile bell foundry in the world, comes to you to create a special bell to commemorate anniversaries and milestones. It's a two day event in which the entire community participates. To date, the Bell Foundry on Wheels has cast over 118 bronze bells for communities and businesses across the United States. The community will take part in an ‘ingot brigade,’ loading 500 pounds of bronze ingots into the 2200 degree furnace. The bell will be poured, cast, and dedicated on site. Using the one-of-a-kind on-site casting process, the Verdin Bell Foundry on Wheels enables the entire community to help create the custom bronze bell, and to experience the casting of the bell.

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